This week's guest is renowned Irish performance coach Adrian O'Brien. We took a deep dive into topics related to performance, both on and off the mats. Adrian shared some great ideas from his vast coaching experience and study of sport science, in his usual down to earth manner. There's some great takeaways about everything from recovery to developing your intuition and creativity. 

He's a World Champion at the Brown Belt level, and one of the top European grapplers. This week's guest is Swedish Black Belt, Max Lindblad. Max shared some great stories from his journey through the sport, and we had a great chat about some of the obstacles he's faced along the way, as well as the lessons learned in overcoming them. It was also interesting to hear about the difficult work he does in a prison for juveniles.

Fundraiser for Max's gym

He's someone who has experience competing and winning major championships through all belt levels over the past decade. On this week's episode Adam talks about his humble beginnings, to training at Marcelo Garcia's academy in New York, and eventually moving on to train and coach at 5050 Jiu Jitsu in Virginia, and the lessons he's learned along the way. He also shared how his training methods have changed throughout the years, as well as his approach to 'layered' drilling.

 He's one of the most popular and successful UK grapplers in recent memory, known for his unique and effective strength training methods. On this week's episode, Dan breaks down some of his early successes in the sport, and the difficulties that came along with them. He also touches on his experiences in bouncing back from various injuries, as well as much more. 

We're back for part 2 of a conversation with ADCC medalist and Aussie grappling legend, Lachlan Giles. In this week's episode we discuss the prevalence of doping in the sport, as well as his physiotherapy experience and how it applies to training. Lachlan also walks us through his memorable performance from ADCC 2019, as well as much more.

He's an ADCC Absolute medalist, one of the most renowned coaches in the world, and owner of one of the most epic competition performances in recent memory, Lachlan Giles. In the first of a two part episode Lachlan shared some great stories from his journey through the ranks in Australia, how to improve and innovate as a grappler, as well as longevity in the sport and more.


It's the mid-season break, and on this week's episode of Inside Position we look back at some of the best stories from the first 10 episodes of season 1. We won't give much away but there's some interesting insights into what it takes to reach the highest levels of the sport. So whether this is your first episode or you're a frequent listener, I hope you enjoy the conversations with some of the sport's best!

He's a Black Belt under Roger Gracie, one of the most active competitors of the past decade, and also one of the most respected referees in the world. This week's guest is UK BJJ legend, Oliver Geddes. Oli shared some interesting lessons he has learned from training with the greatest Jiu Jitsu athlete of all time, as well as the realities of high level competition. He also gives some great insight and funny stories from his experiences refereeing at high level events across the world.

She's one of the most successful grapplers in the world, a Black Belt World Champion, and an ADCC medalist. On this week's show the Welsh superstar takes us through her journey from being a shy teenager starting Judo, to becoming a Black Belt World Champion in the sport of Jiu Jitsu, along with how she has dealt with various challenges along the way.  

He's a European Champion and coach to multiple World and ADCC medalists, Darragh O Conaill. On this week's show, the Irish grappling legend shared some great insight into the challenges he faced after becoming a head coach early in his career, and how he balanced this with his own competition dreams. We also discussed some of our victories and future goals in the sport, as well as the best online resources to improve your game.

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